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UK Film Council to go

26 July 2010

Bad decision or bad government?

Bad news for the British Film industry either way.

Here are some facts I found on Twitter, may be true maybe not.

  • The Film Council makes 400% return on its investments in film (via /thejimsmith).
  • The £12m we’re spending on the Pope is 4/5 of a years funding for the UK Film Council (via /shutupcaf)
  • For every £1 invested by UK Film Council, £5 generated at the box office (via /D_W_Mault)
  • A few UK Film Council supported films: Fish Tank. In The Loop. Nowhere Boy. This Is England (via /jonronson).
  • In 10 years the UK Film Council funded 900 films which have entertained over 200 million people and helped generate over £700 million (via /Sheq)
  • The UK film industry contributes approximately £4.3 billion p/y to the UK economy, up by 50% since 2000 when the UK Film Council was created. (via /iammattabbott)
  • So the UK Film Council is being closed down by 2012. Yet lottery funding for film is set to increase to £32m after 2012 ? (via /the_pete)

And here is the full statement by Jeremy Hunt from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, who has made the proposition.

Petition is here.

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  1. Deano permalink
    26 July 2010 7:02 pm

    This is bullshit.

    I can’t for the life of me see any reason why a cash-strapped government, would want to close the Film Council when it is one of the few public services that actually makes a huge profit. Something is not right here, especially when there has been no news of a replacement body. The Film Council has been working fine and has shown itself more than capable of making good decisions as to where the funding should go, unlike the BFI and the Arts Council before it.

    Do they not realise that they are not only putting Film Council employees out of work, but the 1000s of people who work on the films they fund? People who will in turn put their money back into the economy. Something is not right here and this new government can kiss my arse.

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